Stress Balls in the UK

Stress balls is a UK supplier of branded, printed and customised stress balls with almost 20 years’ experience in the business. We offer a cost effective design to fit every occasion, event and budget. We can also often get your order to you quickly as we have large UK stocks of many of the most popular designs.

If you're tired of feeling stressed and need something to squeeze for some temporary relief then try one of our stress balls! You’re not the only one- it’s likely your employees, colleagues and friends could some relief from stress as well. They also make great promotional gifts. Stress relief is important in the work place, club or school as it makes us calmer and more productive. Beat your stress and order some of our stress balls today!

All of the balls featured on our website can be custom printed and branded with your company logo. Make someone smile today with our range of squeezable balls. Call us on 0800 731 0301.

Wild Animal Stress Balls

Wild Animal Stress Balls - go wild with our amazing stress toy selection, including a variety of wild animals, which can be custom printed with your company logos and artwork. Animals have a wide appeal and now, with the introduction of these printed animal balls, they are sure to become even more popular. Feel your stress drain away with every squeeze! Call us today and take a look at our low cost wild animal stress toys.

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Sport Stress Balls

Looking for sport shaped balls? We have a range of tennis balls, footballs, rugby balls, golf balls plus many more sport themed relievers. The sport balls are great for any sport enthusiast or related company. Beat happy and calm today and order some of these sporty promotional balls!

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Transport Stress Balls

Some of our most popular shapes are found in our range of transport relievers. These fun shapes are the perfect promotional item for any transport related company. The range of shapes is diverse and includes aeroplanes, lorries, trucks, vans, cars and much more. All of our transport stress balls come in a range of colours and can be custom printed or branded with your company logo, for the ultimate in promotional items. Like to see a sample? Then call our stress relief hotline on 0800 731 0301.

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Medical Stress Balls

Medical stress balls including pills, hearts, and eye  shaped balls. Our collection of medical themed balls are a great hit with pharmaceutical and medical companies, as the range is so diverse. We have relievers in the shape of nearly every body part!

We’re the UK’s biggest dedicated online supplier of stress relief toys. We’ve sold many thousands of balls over the year, providing people up and down the country with endless hours of fun. We specialise in branded stress balls, selling affordable bespoke gifts that customers can customise with their own logo and company information. Strengthening your brand and selling more gift items in your shop is easier than it’s ever been with our impressive collection of promotional balls, simply contact us today by phone or email for more information to request a product quote.

stress balls UK
Reasonable Cost with High Quality
Custom Designed Prototype
Marketing and Branding Efforts

Stress Balls

The largest range of round stress balls in an amazing selection of colours. Balls have never looked so good. Our round balls can also be custom printed and branded.

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Keyring Stress Balls

Balls and key rings in one, now you can relieve your stress on the move, with our great range of keyring stress balls. Available printed with your logo for the ultimate in promotional items!

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Promotional Stress Balls

cheap personalised stress ball are part of the Mikkis Group of Companies specialising in the custom manufacture of cheap personalised stress balls for promotional as well as gift giving purposes. We pride ourselves in being able to design and produce promotional stress ball gifts at a reasonable cost with high quality and short turnaround times.

While the stress balls made today are generally made out of foam or some other rubber based materials, the history of stress balls go back to the Ming Dynasty in Chinese history. During that period, stress balls were made out of Iron and were used by rotating a pair of them around in your hand. They were marketed as healing devices and were believed to work through manipulating the balls over acupressure points in the hand that were understood to relieve stress and other afflictions. While most western medical personnel do not actively promote the healing benefits of stress balls, The Mayo Clinic does acknowledge and prescribe acupressure procedures for some medical conditions. Through history, the materials used to make stress balls has evolved from Iron during the Ming Dynasty to include wood, precious stones of one sort or another, as well as other metals, glass and foam rubber.

Branded Stress Balls

corporate stress balls specialises in making corporate stress balls for promotional purposes. If you bring us a copy of your corporate logo, or any other design you wish to put on the stress balls, we will work with you to make a custom designed prototype. We provide a wide range of stress balls and we will adapt your design or logo to one that will be appealing yet reasonably priced. Because stress balls are by nature flexible we recommend that you avoid artwork designs that require tight colour registration. If your colour selection or printing requirements are outside of our printing capabilities, we will be happy to work with you on more complex colour and design configurations for a somewhat higher price. If your artwork is not an editable eps, we can still try to work out a conversion that is compatible with our process for a nominal charge. These entire details can be managed and taken care of via e-mail so that you don’t even have to come to our shop to get a quote and have samples made to your specifications. If we are not able to meet your specifications we will be happy to refer you to other companies that are able to supply the printing capability needed.

Printed Stress Balls

custom stress balls in the UK Custom stress balls in the UK are the third most popular promotional item in the country. At we have the widest selection of stress ball models in the country. No matter what business you are in or what types of products you are promoting, we can provide you with the right item on which to print your logo, company name or theme. If you are looking to promote your agricultural or food products we have a wide range of fruit, vegetable, and farm related stress balls. The same goes for just about any industry. We have building models and a huge selection of key rings for cars or trucks. For those of you who might be sports minded, this is an obvious area of special products in the shape of footballs (American or Soccer) as well as tennis and rugby balls, just to name a few.

While the folks at understand that our products are primarily focused on marketing and branding efforts, it is important to note that stress in the workplace and in modern everyday life is a common problem for people. We believe our products can help people focus their stress and anxiety and that stress balls can be a useful tool for relieving stress and anxiety.

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